Hemp Horse Bedding May Be The Next Big Thing

Hemp has a growing following in the United States, with multiple states home to burgeoning hemp industries. Though distinct from the marijuana, until recently, hemp has always fallen under the same restrictions.

In 2018, hemp was reclassified as an agricultural commodity, allowing states to begin nurturing hemp industries. In 2019, hemp legislation in Florida was signed into law. Nicole Fried, the state agricultural commissioner, noted that this move strengthened agriculture in the state, allowing it to have an alternative crop. Florida seeks to be a leader in U.S. hemp production.

Hemp is utilized in hundreds of commercial and industrial ways; it has more than 25,000 possible uses, including environmentally safe farm products, like fiber, grain and bedding, as well as in medical products.

Hemp horse bedding has been used in Europe for over 30 years; though the market for this bedding is not yet large in the U.S., it is expected that soon horse owners and riders will discover that hemp bedding is soft and comfortable, and it absorbs well. The bedding is chemical-free, so it biodegrades and decomposes rapidly. It also has minimal dust.

Fried notes that addition to interest from riders and trainers, the veterinary community is also taking note of hemp bedding; studies and pilot projects are in the works to test its efficacy, health and safety. It is believed many horse owners will be interested in hemp if there are studies backing up the claims.

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