Experts Weigh In: Top Equine Welfare Issues

Recently, 19 equine welfare experts were asked what they felt the greatest threats were to equine welfare. Drs. Fiona Rioja-Lang, Melanie Connor, Heather Bacon and Cathy Dwyer complied the responses, which noted that welfare issues can come about from how horses are treated by their caregivers, where they live and their health. The expert’s background ranged from those affiliated with equine charities to those who were animal researchers, trainers, veterinarians and others in the equine industry.

An initial list of 84 issues was determined based on responses from an online message board. These 84 items were ranked in order of perceived prevalence, duration of suffering and severity. The list was whittled down to the following, which experts believe are the most-common issues:

  • Delayed euthanasia
  • Fear and stress from use
  • Lack of biosecurity
  • Lack of owner knowledge of equine welfare needs
  • Obesity

The things believed to cause the most suffering for individual horses included:

  • Lack of recognition by owners of pain behavior
  • Delayed euthanasia
  • Large worm burdens
  • Obesity
  • Being fed diets not suited for horses

Read the study here.

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