Equine Stem Cells May Be Used In Place Of Antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance is of great concern in equine medicine. It has recently been found that equine stem cells, which are widely used in horses for musculoskeletal injuries, produce molecules that can be used to fight bacterial infections; these cells may be able to be used as alternatives to antibiotics.

The antibacterial properties of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells, also called MSCs, were investigated by scientists at the Roslin Institute, which is part of the University of Edinburgh. The study team took MSCs from equine bone marrow, womb lining and fat, and tested its effects on Escherichia coli. All of the cells worked against E. coli, but the cells from the fat and the womb were more effective than the cells from the bone marrow, reports HorseTalk.

The team concluded that MSCs may be able to fight infection either by acting directly on the bacteria or by regulating the horse’s immune cell activity response; MSCs may be an alternative to antibiotics. The team’s research has been published in the journal Stem Cells and Development.

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