Effectiveness Of Monty Roberts’ Dually Halter Called Into Question

Professional natural horsemanship trainer Monty Roberts designed the Dually halter to encourage the horse to respect the handler with minimal pressure. The halter has an adjustable double noseband as well as left and right side training rings. Roberts believes that the halter has helped him train more than 4,000 horses that will not load.

A study, called Dually noted: the effects of a pressure headcollar on compliance, discomfort and stresses in horses during handling by Carrie Ijichi, Shelby Tunstall, Ella Putt and Keith Squibb, used 20 privately owned horses in the UK to determine if the halter improved compliance. The study also tested if the halter increased discomfort or stress, reports Horse & Hound.

The horses all completed two three-minute sessions each; one walking over poles on the ground and the other walking through hanging streamers. One group of horses had a lead rope attached to the pressure mechanism of the Dually; the other had the lead rope attached to the standard ring of the halter, which acted as a control.

The study showed that horses wearing the Dually halter did not exhibit more compliant behavior compared to the control group, and horses did not exhibit a stress response to the halter. However, this was the first time each horse had worn a Dually halter. Though it did not improve a horse’s behavior if they were wearing it for the first time, researchers noted that this doesn’t mean that the halter would not work differently on horses that have been previously trained to the halter.

Roberts told Horse & Hound that he would work with scientists for a test of the Dually halter as he feels it has been integral in teaching the horses he works with.

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