Does Your Horse Have Cushing’s? Researchers Need To Hear From You

Scientists at the University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Center and the University College Dublin have partnered to create a large-scale, 12-month study to determine if blue light can be used to help horses suffering from pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID or Cushing’s Disease).

Dr. Barbara Anne Murphy, head of equine science at the School of Agriculture and Food Science at University College Dublin, and Dr. Amanda Adams of the Gluck Center are looking for horses to take part in the study to determine if exposure to blue light would minimize the development of the long, thick haircoat that is a hallmark of horses with PPID. Each participant will receive an Equilume light mask for their participation, whether their horse wears the mask or is a control horse.

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Owners or managers of horses with diagnosed PPID and that have a long, curly hair coat are invited to complete a short questionnaire by October 22 to see if they are eligible to participate. Medicated and unmedicated horses can apply.

The study will require monthly hair sample collection, as well as the completion of bi-monthly questionnaires and the provision of images.

Click here to complete the questionnaire

Read more at Equine Science Update.

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