District Court Rules Indiana Claiming Jail Rule Unconstitutional

Owner Jerry Jamgotchian won a victory in his battle against ‘claiming jail’ rules with a ruling earlier this week by U.S. District Court Judge William T. Lawrence finding Indiana’s rule unconstitutional. The Blood-Horse reported on the ruling Thursday.

Claiming jail rules place restrictions on newly-claimed horses, preventing them from running out of state for a set period — 60 days in Indiana — after the claim. Jamgotchian’s argument in the Indiana case, and similar suits in Kentucky, California, and Pennsylvania, has been such regulations violate the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

The ruling this week centered around Jamgotchian’s claiming two horses in August 2016 at Indiana Grand, and a subsequent request to run them outside the state in non-stakes contests.

Lawrence sided with Jamgotchian, stating that Indiana officials “evince the type of economic protectionism that the … Commerce Clause is designed to prevent.”

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