Delaware Stewards Uphold Summary Suspension For Cobb; Disciplinary Hearing Pending

Delaware stewards have upheld their summary suspension of trainer Amber Cobb, pending a disciplinary hearing. An updated ruling in the case published Sept. 15 indicated that the stewards had conducted a hearing with Cobb and determined “that Amber Cobb’s conduct would be in any direct or indirect way detrimental to the maintenance and promotions of high standards for honesty, integrity and propriety in Thoroughbred racing conducted in Delaware.” This means Cobb will be suspended until a disciplinary hearing is held and stewards can issue sanctions based on a current investigation into the trainer’s operation.

There is no date scheduled yet for the disciplinary hearing, during which stewards will examine the evidence that led them to cite her for a lengthy list of rule violations. A Sept. 10 ruling did not describe specific actions by Cobb that prompted the summary suspension but did cite rules against possession of a hypodermic needle or syringe, cruelty, failure to comply with orders or rulings of racing officials, employment or harboring of unauthorized persons, and more.

See the full list of rules cited by the stewards here.

This action by Delaware stewards appears to be separate from the animal cruelty case that originally prompted them to suspend Cobb’s license for two years this summer. That suspension was reduced by the racing commission to 60 days after Cobb appealed.

That 60-day suspension would have ended Sept. 20, allowing Cobb to return to training next week if not for the summary suspension.

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