Cummings: Race Timing With Equibase’s GPS System Is ‘Technological Backpedaling’

In a personal submission from Thoroughbred Idea Foundation Executive Director Patrick Cummings published today, he outlines the state of race timing in North America, Equibase’s increasing role, their ridiculous questioning of the importance of accuracy in timing, the impact of timing errors and the related back-story as to how our sport got to this point.

Cummings notes that his background, which included four years with Trakus, a company which does conduct some official timing duties in North America, with some notable errors, must be addressed, and that he receives neither direct nor indirect compensation since leaving their employ in 2015.

“An accurate time is a fundamental element of regulated horse races.

“It has become clear that our sport has not evolved with more modern technology, but rather taken a technology, ignored whether it is at least as accurate as the technology it is replacing, and shoved a square peg into a round hole.

“Questioning Equibase’s GPS play is not being critical of all innovation and hoping to quash it, it is being critical of technological backpedaling which is being positioned as exactly the opposite.

“Bettors invested $11 billion in 2019 to wager on Thoroughbred races in America. Owners spent more than $1 billion at horse sales in 2019 buying Thoroughbreds here. Our sport can do much better, and the status quo is only worsened by Equibase’s role as the sole data-keeper for the sport. Now, they are financially tied to ushering-in a seemingly less accurate method of race timing.”

He offers five recommendations and consideration for moving forward.

“I am all for innovation in horse racing, and I know that many others would happily embrace accurate technological innovations, properly vetted, to help the sport. GPS timing, at present, is not one of them, and masquerading it as some antidote for existing timing exacerbates the harm it is already doing.”

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