Churchill Downs Expects To Announce Derby Decision In The Coming Week

Churchill Downs released the following statement on Saturday addressing guests, fans, and family in the wake of the nationwide coronavirus crisis:

“During times of uncertainty, our traditions provide a great sense of comfort. We realize, that for many of you, the Kentucky Derby is a treasured annual tradition, and for others, a bucket-list experience. The time-honored traditions of the Kentucky Derby are as much about the fans as the race itself.

“We recognize that the impact of this iconic event extends well beyond the historic racetrack of Churchill Downs. The Kentucky Derby is a cherished and important time for the City of Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We are mindfully aware of our fans who travel from great distances to join us as well as our valued employees whose most intense preparations to host a world-class event begin now.

“For these reasons, we have been working carefully and diligently with relevant health experts and authorities to ensure we make the most responsible decision regarding the timing of the 146th Kentucky Derby this year. We thank you for your patience and are committed to providing regular communication and transparency as we move forward. This is not a decision we take lightly and we expect to have an update about the Kentucky Derby and additional information on our upcoming Spring Meet in the coming week.

“Our hearts are with those near and far who have been affected.”

The Kentucky Derby has been staged on the first Saturday in May on 86 occasions and every year since 1946.

It has been run on a Saturday on 108 occasions and each day of the week except for Sunday. The last time it wasn’t staged on a Saturday was 1910.

The Derby has only been held outside of May twice: Monday, April 29, 1901, and Saturday, June 9, 1945.

Churchill Downs stock (CHDN) has taken a hit in the last 30 days, falling from a high of $167.40 a share to a closing price of $92.75 on Friday.

Simulcasting at the track remains open.

Churchill’s efforts to ensure the utmost safety of guests include the following practices:

  • Doubling all housekeeping staff at the track and on backside to increase frequency of cleaning disinfecting high-touch surfaces including gate turnstiles, doors, door knobs, handles, restrooms, tables, chairs, light, switches, elevator buttons security card readers, etc.
  • Educating all employees on CDC guidance, including proper handwashing techniques, and the avoidance of touching eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Requesting all vendors to thoroughly communicate hygiene protocol to their staff and employees.
  • Instructing all employees feeling unwell to refrain from coming to work.
  • Utilizing cleaning chemicals that meet the latest Environmental Protection Agency Emerging Viral Pathogen Policy and CDC requirements for registered disinfectants
  • Implementing the use of electrostatic spraying systems after hours to supplement routine surface cleaning
  • Increasing public hand-sanitizing stations in high-traffic areas, containing gel that meets or exceeds the CDC standard for alcohol content
  • Enforcing a renewed focus on our ongoing maintenance efforts, including:
  • Regular thorough cleaning of all restrooms on the track and backside, with pre-cleanings daily as well as routine cleanings during normal operation
  • Continuously wiping down all betting stations with 60% alcohol cleaning solution
  • Using disposable gloves during food preparation in all kitchens and sanitizing all food prep surfaces at the track and on the backside, including cutting boards, counter tops and cutting utensils while also washing hands before, during and after food preparation
  • Routinely changing out air filters with a high grade minimum efficiency reporting value rating and cleaning HVAC equipment while monitoring CO2, humidity, and ventilation and using air economization and filtration to help dilute any airborne particulate matter
  • Waiving liquid restrictions to allow guests to bring their own hand sanitizer onsite. (All other liquids still prohibited.)

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