CHRB Releases Annual Report After ‘An Unprecedented, Challenging Year’

The California Horse Racing Board released it’s annual report on Monday, covering the fiscal year revenue of 2018-2019 and the California horse racing through the calendar year of 2019.

It was an unprecedented, challenging year for California horse racing and, perhaps, for all of horse racing,” wrote CHRB chair Dr. Gregory Ferraro. 

Though the number of equine fatalities for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 had decreased from the previous season, totaling the second-lowest since 1990 when comprehensive records were made available, the spike of fatalities at Santa Anita Park in January and February of 2019 led to significant reforms.

“As I remarked at the meeting of the Board in November when I was elected chairman by my fellow commissioners, the days of permissive medication are over,” Ferraro continued. “We will gradually eliminate medications and keep them away from racing and training. This Board has a new mandate from the Governor’s Office, and that mandate is, primary number one, health and safety of the horses and riders. I and the other commissioners fully intend to carry out that mandate, which means, though we have made several important new regulations and changes, there are many more to come, and the ones that have yet to come are going to be much more difficult.

“With support from the Governor and Legislature, and the trust of the racing industry and the public, we will make California horse racing safer for horses and riders, and, perhaps, blaze a path for the rest of horse racing to follow.”

The entire report can be viewed here: CHRB Annual Report 2018-19.

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