Chill Out: How To Effectively Cool Out A Hot Horse

The most effective way to cool a hot horse has been almost as hotly debated as whether or not horses should be blanketed: Some people believe that a horse should be hosed and then immediately scraped so as much water leaves his coat as possible; others think you should hose and leave the water to dry on its own.

Cool water is an effective way to cool down a hot horse after it has exercised. Heat will move from the hot horse to the cool water until a similar temperature between body and water is reached. Research has shown that scraping the water off a horse once it has been hosed doesn’t affect the horse’s body temperature during or after hosing.

The key to successfully cooling the horse down is to provide a continuous flow of water over the horse’s major blood vessels and back. Horses dissipate heat through their skin; the cool water flowing over them draws heat away from the horse and removes it, which is why water running over a hot horse will feel warm as it flows over his body. Water that travels over a completely cooled-out horse will be cool to the touch when it runs off his body.

Read more about caring for horses during warm weather at the University of Minnesota Extension.

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