Cherwa On Churchill’s DRF On-Track Sales Ban: ‘Are We Back In The Fifth Grade?’

“Not having the Daily Racing Form available at the race track would be like not having a Bible in a church.”

So writes John Cherwa, deputy sports editor of the Los Angeles Times, in reaction to the decision by Churchill Downs Inc. management to ban on-track sales of the 124-year racing newspaper at its flagship racetrack in Louisville, Ky., and at CDI-owned Fair Grounds in New Orleans.

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Cherwa, who has helped bring coverage of horse racing back to the Los Angeles Times through a free daily newsletter (subscribe here), compares and contrasts the troubled sport to the newspaper industry, which is also struggling.

“The newspaper industry, bless its heart, is trying to reinvent itself into new mediums, especially the web and even things such as newsletters,” Cherwa writes. “They share information and best practices, hold seminars, hoping one of the entities finds the magic bullet. They know we’re all in this together and are rooting for everyone’s success.

“Horse racing, on the other hand, has tracks and companies trying to go ‘Game of Thrones’ on their fellow competitors.”

Cherwa said CDI has blocked its tracks’ signals from Daily Racing Form‘s advance deposit wagering company, DRF Bets, and said TVG racing network personnel are not being granted access at certain tracks because they are considered “competitors.”

“Are we back in fifth grade, for goodness sakes?” he asks. “In a time as desperate as these, shouldn’t everyone in the industry be working together to solve its problems and grow the sport rather than fighting each other to see who will be the last person to turn out the lights?”

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