California: Unclaimed Pari-Mutuel Tickets From 2019 Must Be Mailed In By May 14

All unclaimed (uncashed) pari-mutuel tickets purchased at race meets in California during the calendar year 2019 will be expiring after May 14, 2020. At this time all racetracks and simulcast wagering facilities in California are closed to the public. Therefore, anyone wishing to cash unclaimed tickets while wagering locations are closed should take the following steps:

Make a copy of the ticket for your records.
Provide your legal name and return address.
Mail the ticket and your personal information to Santa Anita Park:
Attn: Pari-Mutuel Department
P.O. Box 60014
Arcadia, CA 91066-6014

A check will be mailed to the address provided. The Santa Anita Pari-Mutuel Department will process all uncashed tickets purchased in California, including off-track simulcast locations and Northern California racetracks. This process should take 7-10 business days but perhaps longer depending on volume. Unclaimed tickets include uncashed winning pari-mutuel tickets and uncashed refunds due to canceled races and/or horses being scratched (withdrawn). All claims must be received by the Santa Anita Pari-Mutuel Department by May 15, 2020, to be honored.

Vouchers (the equivalent of cash) purchased at California racetracks and wagering facilities are not pari-mutuel tickets. Vouchers expire 365 days after the close of the meet at which they were purchased, so any voucher purchased in California will not expire before December 31, 2020. Vouchers also can be redeemed through the Santa Anita Pari-Mutuel Department, but the May 15 deadline does not apply.

The May 15 deadline for cashing pari-mutuel tickets is established by Business & Professions Code Section 19598, which states:

Any person claiming to be entitled to any part of a redistribution from a parimutuel pool operated by a licensee under this chapter, who fails to claim the money due the person prior to the completion of the horse racing meeting at which the pool was formed, may file a claim with the association issuing the person’s ticket prior to May 15 of the year immediately following the close of the horse racing meeting. The funds that were unclaimed within the period specified under this section are designated as “unclaimed tickets” and shall be distributed in accordance with this chapter.

Pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 19641, the Horse Racing Law further requires:

All such unclaimed money resulting from the thoroughbred, harness, or quarter horse race meets, excluding the race meets of the California Exposition and State Fair, county, district agricultural association, or citrus fruit fair race meets, shall be distributed as follows:

1. Fifty percent of live races unclaimed pari-mutuel tickets shall be paid to a welfare fund established by the horsemen’s organization contracting with the association with respect to the conduct of the racing meet for the benefit of the horsemen, and the said organization shall make an accounting to the Board within one calendar year of the receipt of such payment.

2. The other 50 percent of live races unclaimed pari-mutuel tickets shall be divided equally between the association (as commissions) and horsemen (in the form of purses). Notwithstanding the distribution of live races unclaimed tickets, unclaimed ticket monies generated by wagering on intrastate (north/south) thoroughbred and fair races and interstate imports are split equally between purses and commissions.

3. Unclaimed refunds provide health and welfare benefits to California licensed jockeys, former California licensed jockeys, and their dependents. The California Jockey Welfare Corporation is the organization designated by the CHRB to receive these funds.

The expiration on vouchers is established by Business & Professions Code Section 19642, which states:

Cash vouchers that are not redeemed within 365 days of the close of the racing meeting at which the voucher was purchased are distributed to a nonprofit organization for the purposes of maintaining a database of horse-racing information.

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