CA Police Officer Adopts Loose Horse Found On Patrol

A 22-year-old San Bernardino police officer adopted a Thoroughbred that was found wandering loose on Highland Avenue. Shea Malone found the 5-year-old chestnut grazing in a parking lot; she used the hobble on one of her legs as a makeshift halter while waiting on animal control.

The mare was underweight and her hooves were in need of attention. She also had raw wounds around her neck, indicating that she had pulled loose from wherever she had been tied.

Malone is an accomplished horsewoman, having ridden since she was young; she has rescued horses and worked to gain their trust in the past. She was very concerned about the skinny horse and was interested in caring for her.

Once an animal (dog, cat or other animal) is in the care of Animal Control, it is placed online to see if the owner comes forward (called the stray/hold period); if one does not, the animal is considered up for adoption. After 10 days with no one claiming the horse, Malone adopted Rae. Malone believes the mare’s race name was My Peggy; she has only one recorded race in which she finished last.

Read more in the San Bernardino Sun.

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