Breathe Easy: Horse And Human Respiratory Patterns Similar

Dr. Normand G. Ducharme is a professor of clinical sciences at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine who has a passion for collaborating with others to better the lives of horses. Specifically interested in equine respiratory illnesses, Ducharme gets to collaborate with many different people from around the world to determine how to help horses—including working with those who are not equine vets.

As horses and humans are both mammals, they share a lot of similarities in respiratory patterns; this allows Ducharme to work with specialists in human medicine, as well, and apply what he learns to the horses.

Respiratory illnesses in horses vary and Ducharme works on a case-by-case basis, rather than offering a blanket approach to get the horse back to good health. When horses are unable to breathe well, temporary fixes must be sought as it is difficult to find a permanent solution. Ducharme’s end goal is to create permanent changes that can allow horses to breathe easily instead of offering temporary fixes. Ducharme feels that the future of equine medicine is bright as many findings in human medicine can be applied to horses.

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