Blood And Urine Found In 42,000-Year-Old Foal

Russian researchers have found a 42,000-year-old frozen foal carcass in Siberia’s Verkhoyansk region; even more impressive than the preservation of the foal was the liquid blood and urine found inside the animal. The fluids were extracted during the necropsy and it is hoped that scientists may be able to create a clone of the extinct species from them.

Semyon Grigoriev, director of the Mammoth Museum at Northeastern Federal University, said that the foal appears to be about two weeks old and that it likely drowned in mud, which then became permafrost.

The foal was discovered by mammoth tusk hunters in the summer of 2018. The body was so well-preserved that the hair was still intact. Generally, the blood in ancient remains coagulates or turns to powder during the mummification that takes place over thousands of years.

The ancient foal will be on exhibit across Japan from June to September 2020 as part of The Mammoth exhibition.

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