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What you should know about online horse betting…

USA-based online horse betting or wagering is 100% legal by federal law… however, in spite of federal law some states have legal restrictions that make online horse betting by their residents difficult to access. These states are: Alaska, Arizona, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, Mississppi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Utah. This list can change based on actions of state legislatures.

If you are residing in one of these states your access to U.S. based racebooks will be blocked by your state government. As a result of this situation, you will NOT be able to place bets through,,,,,,,, and… as well as several other lesser known USA-based sites.

Here’s the good news though…
HorsePlayUSA has a 100% safe, secure and legal online betting portal that is one of the most trusted and respected racebooks online. Get a rebate on daily bets… win or lose. Or, get track odds plus 10% on all your winnings… the choice is yours.

Our Players’ Testimonials…
“It is as described — easy and hassle free — in fact, it’s the most convenient betting site I’ve come across.” — Mark M., Biloxi, Mississippi

“In Nebraska, we can’t bet horses online through any of the big sites. This site does it for me in the simplest way I’ve found anywhere.” — Josh W., York, Nebraska

“It’s just what I’ve been looking for… it simply enables me to easily bet on the horses I love… may be trying out the card games as well.” — Greta P., Charlotte, North Carolina

“Love the fact I can use much faster, simpler, cheaper services than Western Union for transferring money — unlike other racebooks where you have a lot of sh*t to deal with when you want to deposit or withdraw.” — Bart L., Flagstaff, Arizona

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