Best Practices For Feeding A Horse On Lay-Up

Your horse gets injured and needs to be on stall rest. You knew exactly what and how much to feed him when he was in work, but now that he is out of training and confined to his stall, what should you feed him to ensure his nutrition requirements are met, but he’s not bouncing off the walls with energy, potentially further injuring himself or you in the process?

Dr. Clair Thunes, PhD, an independent nutritionist based in Sacramento, Ca., says that it’s a common misconception that protein causes a horse to be hot. She says that it’s not the protein, but the higher calories that are often found in high protein feeds that can be the culprit. Therefore, for a horse on stall rest, she suggests switching him from a high performance feed to a ration balancer, which will provide less calories per pound and thus help him stay calmer.

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