Assiniboia Downs Pick 5 Jackpot Approaches $400,000; July 6 Mandatory Payout Set

The Jackpot Pick 5 bet offered at Assiniboia Downs in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is now a staggering $392,927 going into Monday’s and a mandatory payout date has been set.

“Our fans have been chasing the jackpot since the start of the season and are salivating at the chance to win it.”, said Darren Dunn, CEO.  “It is creating a lot of excitement and has people dreaming about what they would do with all that money.”

The Jackpot Pick 5 bet requires the selection of the winners of the last 5 races in the program.  Players with the correct selections share in the proceeds from the amount bet on that day.  The jackpot is a bonus that is paid if there is only one winning ticket. The cost of a ticket is only 20 cents.

The single winner jackpot pool will typically build to a point and then there is a mandatory payout day scheduled. A mandatory payout day requires that the entire jackpot and the current day’s pool must be paid out to the winners that day. These events draw substantially more wagering as everyone is trying to win their share of the jackpot bonus.

The mandatory payout day for the Jackpot Pick 5 has now been set for Monday, July 6, 2020, if the bet is not won by a single winning ticket before that date.

“These pools create quite a buzz for players.”, continued Dunn.  “If a single winner wins it before that date, they will walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars.  If it isn’t won, we will be giving it away to all winners.  Either way is a great result!  This has the potential to be a record-setting event.”

The Downs also has a Jackpot Hi-5 bet with a carryover of $54,000. This pool requires the correct selection of the first 5 finishers of the last race of every racing program.

Racing continues every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday through September 15 at 7:30 pm (Central Time).

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