Ask Ray: Where Did The Comments Sections Go?

As publisher Ray Paulick said in the introduction to this latest installment of “Ask Ray,” it’s been a while. But the Paulick Report is in the process of deciding whether or not to permanently remove the comments section from the website, and Ray wanted to explain the reasons for the possible change after receiving a number of inquiries. Comments have been disabled … for now at least.

And since he got out of his pajamas, shaved and made himself somewhat presentable, he decided to dip into the “Ask Ray” mailbag and answer a few other questions from readers.

Ray tries to respond to all the emails and “Ask Ray” inquiries he receives. so if you don’t hear from him immediately, you can probably assume he’s forgotten, or your query is pushed too far down into his inbox. Don’t be afraid to remind him again. And  again if necessary.



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