Ask Ray: Deleted Comments, Dark Tapeta And Missing Fractions

“Why do you delete my comments for speaking the truth? What is your problem with the truth?”

So asks a Paulick Report reader in the latest installment of Ask Ray. Publisher Ray Paulick politely explains that the website’s commenting policy expressly forbids name calling that uses words like “criminal,” “crook” or “fraud.” Unfortunately, he then devolves into a name calling diatribe against the questioner. Oh, well, he’s been in self quarantine more than two months.

Ray also answers a question about why the Tapeta surface at Golden Gate Fields is darker than other synthetic tracks. Hint: It has to do with rubber.

Finally, Ray asks a reader to cut TVG and other racing broadcasts some slack about not showing fractions during a race. Just like Ray is not playing with a full deck, many companies are not fulling staffed during the coronavirus pandemic, and things like graphics might not be up to their usual standards.

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