Ambulatory Practitioner From Connecticut Awarded AAEP’s My Vet Rocks Honor

Aimee Eggleston, DVM, who with her husband Tim owns Eggleston Equine LLC, an ambulatory practice in Woodstock, Conn., has been selected as the July honoree of the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ (AAEP) My Vet Rocks Contest, which celebrates the important relationship between veterinarian, owner and horse.

Dr. Eggleston was among dozens of AAEP-member veterinarians nominated by horse owners for the award during July. Also honored for their exemplary care were runners-up Dr. Kim Abernathy Young, owner of Kentucky Lake Equine Hospital in Benton, Ky., and Dr. Emilie Setlakwe, associate veterinarian with Tryon Equine Hospital in Columbus, N.C.

Her nominators lauded Dr. Eggleston’s responsiveness, attentiveness and compassion. According to nominator Rachael Maginess, “Her ability to explain a situation to an owner is perhaps one of her greatest strengths. … She has spent hours on the phone with me over the years discussing treatment options, the side effects of surgeries, medications and has never rushed me off the phone or dismissed a question or concern that I had about either of my horses.”

Dawn Spinney added, “She is kind, caring and thoughtful. She will not only take the time to explain what a horse needs, but she will let the client participate in the treatment and diagnostic process whenever possible. There is never a question whether a horse is receiving the very best care possible. The horse is always first!”

Dr. Eggleston received her veterinary degree from Tufts University in 2000. She established her solo practice in 2005 and serves horse owners throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

“We’ve definitely tailored the practice to the idea that our patients and clients are family to us,” she said. “It’s very meaningful to help influence the health and care of our clients’ horses, and their awareness and appreciation of the business model I’ve worked 20 years for provides a sense of accomplishment.”

Dr. Eggleston received a prize package from the AAEP and contest sponsor American Regent Animal Health, manufacturer of Adequan i.m. (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan). In addition, she is now eligible to win the contest’s grand prize, which will be announced later this year in conjunction with the AAEP’s 66th Annual Convention. The grand-prize winner will be selected from each month’s winning entries.

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