A Note From The Publisher: Your Support Plays A Vital Role In Our Future

Paulick Report prides itself on offering independent coverage of the horse industry. We have been financially sustained since our founding in 2008 solely through advertising sales.

Times have changed. Our future will depend on new sources of revenue in addition to ad sales.

We are not putting up a paywall.

We are, however, asking you to consider joining a reader support program.

For pennies a day ($5 a month), you can make us smile. For a few thin dimes each day ($9 a month), you’ll warm our hearts. Cough up sixty-seven cents a day ($20 a month) and we might consider babysitting your cat or dog.

Membership, as American Express used to say, has its privileges.

Every level of patronage comes with its own benefits: Q&As with the editorial team, a sneak peek at what we’re working on, a behind-the-scenes look at our editorial process (aka a visit to the sausage factory!), Paulick Report logoed swag, and much more.

The most important benefit of all will be the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to independent reporting on the horse industry, allowing us to shine a light in areas – both good and bad – that need exposure in order for the game to progress and prosper. That is our mission, and your support will help us continue to fulfill it.

Not everyone can afford to pay for news, and we understand that. But many of you can, and we hope you will consider the benefits of supporting the cause that we believe in so fiercely.

We will be working with a safe and secure platform known as Patreon, that uses the most advanced security measures to safeguard user information. That is a top priority for us.

We look forward to serving this industry for many years to come. Your support can play a vital role. Thank you for your consideration.

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