1,700-Year-Old Saddle Found In Mongolia

A wooden saddle found in Mongolia is estimated to be about 1,700 years old. Recovered from the Urd Ulaan Uneet cave burial, the saddle has offered insights to scientists of how people in the area lived. The site was first found in 2015; multiple other items were recovered from the site, including iron bits with horn cheekpieces, arrowheads, leather quivers, a compound bow and a wooden container.

Drs. Seregin, Matrenin and Iderkhangai have drawn several conclusions from studying the objects, including that the saddle dates from the 4th to 5th century AD. They also learned that some cave burials during this time period included an interred horse.

The researchers say that the saddle is completely preserved, with two curved areas and recesses for front and rear bows. It’s believed that this saddle was made in the same manner as the Yaloman and East Turkestan saddles. The scientists believe that military confrontation was a major factor in how the saddle was designed.

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