10 Cases Of Potomac Horse Fever In Kentucky Horses

Ten cases of Potomac Horse Fever have been confirmed in Kentucky in the last several weeks, reports the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. The counties involved include: Adair (1), Shelby (1), Bourbon (3) and Fayette (5). One of the Fayette County cases was a horse that was shipped into the state from Indiana for treatment. Eight of the affected horses have survived.

Potomac horse fever (PHF) can cause fever, diarrhea, dehydration and low white cell counts in horses of all ages; it can also cause pregnant mare to abort. The causative agent, Neorickettsia risticii, is a bacterium that causes acute colitis, the main clinical sign of the disease. PHF is often associated with pastures bordering creeks or rivers; it is believed most horses contract PHF after inadvertent ingestion of aquatic insects that carry N risticii and not from the water they drink.

Horse owners are encouraged to limit standing water in areas where horses live, as well as to turn of lights around barns and stables at night to minimized the congregation of insects.

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